Animation Clips

A collection of short clips of animation that don't fit in the "shorts" category since they are mostly just small exercises or class assignments, and don't attempt to tell much of a story of any kind.

SomethingPosted by Markham at 2:00am, 7/9/2011 (EDT)
SomethingFile Size: 196.56kb

The final for the Animation class I took during the spring semester required us to animate a character acting through a short voice clip. This was my project, with an additional inbetween pass that I did since the end of the class.

The sound byte is from a segment of a clip provided at the 11-Second Club website.

A Viking's ShipPosted by Markham at 10:11pm, 6/22/2011 (EDT)
A Viking's ShipFile Size: 109.34kb

This is a scene from my latest solo animation project, titled "A Viking's Quest."

All effects are done in Adobe Flash. The fog effects are the easiest, as they comprise of a Movie Clip symbol of a shape tween and given alpha transparency and a thick blur. Layer a few of these on top of each other, and you have a blur effect similar to the one seen here.

Of course, using Movie Clip symbols has a long history of being difficult to convert to video. However, since Flash CS3 was released Quick Time export has been capable of rendering Movie Clip symbols as they would play in a normal Flash file. Unfortunately, the way it works causes complex scenes to render poorly, resulting in choppy scenes as the program drops frames to keep up with the recording process.

My current plan to work around this is to export a version through this method as is, so that I have an accurate audio track. The next step will be to render the movie at around 4 frames per second so that I have a video containing all frames in their proper position. Then it's just a matter of bringing them both into a video editing program and finishing things up there.

Ursaw Minor Skipping CyclePosted by Markham at 11:16pm, 2/6/2011 (EST)
Ursaw Minor Skipping CycleFile Size: 35.71kb

A short animated skip cycle to get used to using a tablet again.

Monster Walk Cycle AnimationPosted by Markham at 1:45pm, 1/20/2011 (EST)
Monster Walk Cycle AnimationFile Size: 48.12kb

This is a random walk cycle I made a while ago.

Explosion EffectsPosted by Markham at 1:38pm, 1/20/2011 (EST)
Explosion EffectsFile Size: 71.49kb

This is the explosion sample from when I was working on the graphics for Shattered Colony: The Survivors.

Flour Sack Pencil TestPosted by Markham at 10:16pm, 6/21/2010 (EDT)
Flour Sack Pencil TestFile Size: 2.3mb

Final project for the Intro. to Animation class I took last semester.

Intro to Animation: Final ProjectPosted by Markham at 1:43am, 4/17/2008 (EDT)
Intro to Animation: Final ProjectFile Size: 948.61kb

My final project for my Intro. to Animation class in its infinite-looping glory! The character is Cosmo, the school's mascot.

A Jumping Flour SackPosted by Markham at 3:07pm, 4/5/2008 (EDT)
A Jumping Flour SackFile Size: 8.64mb

A jumping flour sack pencil test from my Intro. to Animation class. I used this one in the portfolio I submitted in my application for the animation program at the university I go to.

Sociology of Ninjas and PiratesPosted by Markham at 12:32am, 10/12/2007 (EDT)
Sociology of Ninjas and PiratesFile Size: 150.8kb

An animation I made to go with an oral presentation I did for a sociology class in 2007.

Altered Reality Collab Entry UpdatedPosted by Markham at 11:57pm, 6/24/2006 (EDT)
Altered Reality Collab Entry UpdatedFile Size: 597.51kb

Since people dropped out of the collaboration I entered quite a while ago, I offered to do another piece for the collab. This file is both parts combined into one. The second half is the older half, which is why it doesn't look as good as the first half. I also don't have the original music file, so there's a small blip in the sound between parts.

Follow this link to see the complete collaboration.

3D Robot Walk CyclePosted by Markham at 11:14pm, 5/12/2006 (EDT)
3D Robot Walk CycleFile Size: 309.19kb

My first 3d walk cycle.

Multimedia Project: Kitten CommandosPosted by Markham at 8:18pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Multimedia Project: Kitten CommandosFile Size: 320.33kb

Also from the old files, is the third project from the Multimedia class I took. This is Kitten Commandos, quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever made, and am willing to upload to this website. Before anyone asks, no there will never be another "Kitten Commandos" episode.

Multimedia Project: Button BoogiePosted by Markham at 7:52pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Multimedia Project: Button BoogieFile Size: 63.23kb

This is another old file I found on my laptop's corrupted hard drive. This was the second project I did in a multimedia class I took fall of 2004. The point of this one was to experiment with button effects. Since it was October when we did this, it had to have a Halloween theme.

Multimedia Project: Flash TechniquesPosted by Markham at 7:01pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Multimedia Project: Flash TechniquesFile Size: 241.48kb

This is an old file I found on my laptop's corrupted hard drive. It was the first project I did in a multimedia class I took fall of 2004. This clip features a character called "Catoman," which also appears in my first games.

Altered Reality Collab EntryPosted by Markham at 9:47pm, 10/23/2005 (EST)
Altered Reality Collab EntryFile Size: 320.87kb

An entry for an animation collaboration with a group of around 20 people.

Follow this link to see the complete collaboration.

Water DropPosted by Markham at 6:30pm, 11/30/2004 (EST)
Water DropFile Size: 47.36kb

A small frame-by-frame water drop animation.