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Time-Lapse Video: Utah to CaliforniaPosted by Markham at 5:10am, 5/2/2009 (EDT)
Time-Lapse Video:  Utah to CaliforniaFile Size: 18.17mb

Low-bandwidth YouTube version

I recorded my trip from Utah to California taking one picture every 10-11 seconds, minus about an hour of travel before Winnamucca when I could change the battery. There are about 2970 pictures in all, played at 24 frames-per-second.

Time-Lapse Video: 5 Miles-per-SecondPosted by Markham at 1:25am, 9/25/2008 (EDT)
Time-Lapse Video:  5 Miles-per-SecondFile Size: 9.49mb

I've reconsidered the current need for large file uploads. I'll figure that out after the rest of the site is working off the new website system I'm programming. For now I'll just be using a workaround for uploading the occasional file larger than 8 megabytes.

This is a time-lapse video of part of my trip from California to Utah, compiled from 2036 pictures from a digital camera mounted on the passenger-side sun visor of my car. It isn't the entire trip, since my camera's batteries kept dieing and the camera's power jack input doesn't seem to work at all. Batteries are a pain to change when the battery compartment is covered by one of the zip ties holding the camera in place.

The next time I try this I will be mounting my tripod to a part of the car and sticking the camera on that. I don't know why I didn't think of it the first time through. Also, I'll need more batteries.

Intro to Animation: Final ProjectPosted by Markham at 1:43am, 4/17/2008 (EDT)
Intro to Animation: Final ProjectFile Size: 948.61kb

My final project for my Intro. to Animation class in its infinite-looping glory! The character is Cosmo, the school's mascot.

Time lapse Video 1Posted by Markham at 3:11pm, 4/14/2008 (EDT)
Time lapse Video 1File Size: 1.29mb

Time lapse video taken with my digital camera and a home-made intervalometer.

Time lapse Video 2Posted by Markham at 2:55am, 4/14/2008 (EDT)
Time lapse Video 2File Size: 307.97kb

Time lapse video taken with my digital camera and a home-made intervalometer.

A Jumping Flour SackPosted by Markham at 3:07pm, 4/5/2008 (EDT)
A Jumping Flour SackFile Size: 8.64mb

A jumping flour sack pencil test from my Intro. to Animation class. I used this one in the portfolio I submitted in my application for the animation program at the university I go to.