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Multimedia Project: Flash TechniquesPosted by Markham at 7:01pm, 4/9/2006 (EDT)
Multimedia Project: Flash TechniquesFile Size: 241.48kb

This is an old file I found on my laptop's corrupted hard drive. It was the first project I did in a multimedia class I took fall of 2004. This clip features a character called "Catoman," which also appears in my first games.

The Sandwich Shop NinjaPosted by Markham at 1:31am, 10/29/2005 (EST)
The Sandwich Shop NinjaFile Size: 1.27mb

Atarashii o tabemasu!

The Sandwich Shop Ninja was released a year ago. Now that I know more about Flash and animation I went through it, updating parts, and properly synchronized the sound and made this updated version of "The Sandwich Shop Ninja."

Altered Reality Collab EntryPosted by Markham at 9:47pm, 10/23/2005 (EST)
Altered Reality Collab EntryFile Size: 320.87kb

An entry for an animation collaboration with a group of around 20 people.

Follow this link to see the complete collaboration.

Tales of the Exhausted StudentPosted by Markham at 3:10am, 3/10/2005 (EST)
Tales of the Exhausted StudentFile Size: 1.59mb

Every student feels like this at some point.

This animation was a finalist in the 2005 Sierra College Scollies Animation Festival!

Water DropPosted by Markham at 6:30pm, 11/30/2004 (EST)
Water DropFile Size: 47.36kb

A small frame-by-frame water drop animation.

Halloween eCardPosted by Markham at 9:15pm, 11/4/2004 (EST)
Halloween eCardFile Size: 1.06mb

Happy Halloween!

I tried to go for "creepy," but I think I ended up with more of "just plain weird."