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Flower GirlPosted by Markham at 9:08pm, 10/14/2014 (EDT)
Flower Girl

The story of a girl who finds a flower. She loves flowers.

Round Chicken, Square HolePosted by Markham at 10:56pm, 4/20/2013 (EDT)
Round Chicken, Square HoleFile Size: 409.54kb

Story prompt: Round chick is unable to fit through a square hole.

Cheese Quest AnimaticPosted by Markham at 9:18pm, 1/9/2013 (EST)
Cheese Quest AnimaticFile Size: 266.74kb

Cheesebro and Hamslice are a mouse and a hamster after one thing: cheese.

BABY COPSPosted by Markham at 7:06pm, 12/18/2012 (EST)

The dialogue is from 11-Second Club.

Computer LovePosted by Markham at 9:20pm, 4/8/2012 (EDT)
Computer Love

A short, simple story of a lonely computer creature.

Lego AnimationPosted by Markham at 7:41pm, 2/18/2012 (EST)
Lego Animation

My first project in Intro to 3D Animation. We were to take the Lego minifig that we modeled way back in Intro to 3D and do a keyframe animation in Maya.