Combo MP3 Player AM/FM RadioPosted by Markham at 3:30pm, 11/24/2005 (EST)

I was digging around my old backpack from high school yesterday, and found this. As an assignment in the Advanced Drafting class I took my senior year, we were told to design an MP3 player.

This thing features MP3 playback, AM/FM radio, built-in headphones, easy-to-use buttons for use while wearing, and an extra headphone jack so a friend can listen too! A switch on the left side controls the power and mode. In radio mode, the Forward and Reverse buttons seek through stations, while Play switches between AM and FM. By pressing Stop and then any of the four buttons, you can switch to a saved favorite station.

As for the quality of the image, I scanned in the printout I had of it. I don't know where the original AutoCAD file is, as it's on an unlabeled CD somewhere in my room.