March SketchesPosted by Markham at 7:39pm, 4/1/2009 (EDT)

I had to turn in my sketchbook today, so I made sure to scan in some of the things I've drawn last month. I think I went to the Hogle Zoo three times last month, and those sketches turned out more interesting than the rest.

The Hogle Zoo has a great variety of animals to draw, possibly greater than the three zoos that I've been to recently in northern California combined. The Sacramento Zoo, however, still wins at having the most billions of lemurs.

Yes, he is eying up your neck.  Through the internet. This guy, however, freaks me out. See those teeth? Those sharp and pointy teeth? He sits up on this rock looking down on everyone who passes his domicile, his beady little eyes watching with the utmost disdain, patiently waiting for his chance to strike. The plaque on the wall claimed that this guy's closest relative is the elephant. This is a horrible case of misinformation, as it doesn't take a scientist to tell you that this guy's closest relative is Dracula. If there wasn't a half-inch pane of glass separating him from us, he'd surely be leaping neck-to-neck as he feeds upon the blood of the living. His name? The Hyrax. A name surely derived by the sound his victims make as he sinks his teeth into their necks.

The game graphics project is down to the last two items.